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The Application of Security Code System on XVAPE/XMAX products from Topgreen

Issue Time:2016-06-13
Recently there are many counterfeits for XVAPE/XMAX in the market. In order to protect the benefit of all consumers and to ensure the product authenticity. The Security Code System is applied to all the XVAPE/XMAX products since 13th, June 2016.

How to Obtain the Verification Code

Method 1:

1. Locate the authentication label and scratch off to reveal the 16-digit verification code.

2. Visit or and locate the product verification section. Next simply input the security code to verify the authenticity code.

Method 2:

Locate the authentication label and scratch offto reveal the QR code, then scan the QR code.

Note: The security code can only be verified four(4) times, if product is verified more than four(4) times a warning message will be displayed. If you believe this productto be counterfeit please immediately contact the manufacturer and your retailer.

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