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Promotion for pre-order X4 160w TC Box Mod

Promotion for pre-order X4 160w TC Box Mod

Issue Time:2015-06-10

Topgreen Original X4 160w TC box mod is one of Topgreen 1st batch box mod, we had spent

about half one year time to design and improve,we can proudly say that we are ready now.

In order to hit market,Pre-order before June.1st,we will give you  eGo case as gift for each box mod.

At the same time, we also provide the best wholesale price.

Wholesale price:

20-50: USD40.0
50-100: USD39.0
100 -500: USD38.0
500-1,000: USD37.0
1,000-3,000: USD36.0
above 3,000: USD35.0

Pls contact jerry"@"

1. Size
ElectrodeBrass plated Silver (Spring)
Dimension97*53*25 mm
Maximum output power5-160 W
Maximum output voltage11 V
Maximum output current  <=30.0 A
BatteryUse 2 pcs 18650 batteries in series
Support atomizer resistance0.2-3.0 Ohm(Normal)
0.1-1.0 Ohm (Nickel 200)
Temperature control200F-600F(100c-300c)
OLED ScreenLocked, Unlock, Reverse Show
Kits content
1 pc xvape-x4 device1pc
Gift box1pc

XVAPE-X4 160w TC box mod

1.Three buttons, one smoke button, two watt adjustable buttons.
2.Power on reset, OLED display: "HELLO";Power off,OLED display "System off"
3.No load:OLED will show "NO ATOMIZER"
4.Loading:OLED will show Resistance,current output watt,voltage,current setting temp and working mode
5.Screen invertaion: In Starting state,press 3 times smoke button in 2seconds go into menu state and press "+/-" to

choose “SCREEN MODE”
6.Power locked: press the smoke button and the "-"button at the same time and last 5seconds,
7.Long smoking protect: Smoking for more than 10 seconds, OLED display "OVER TIME" and force output shut 

8.Lower voltage protect: When the box mod voltage lower than the3.2V, OLED display "Low battery" amd flash 


reminder need charge, this state can not smoke.

9.Power Mod:In Starting state,press 3 times smoke button in 2seconds go into menu state and press "+/-" to 

choose  “POWER MODE”

10.Battery reverse connection protection: when installed the battery reversed, circuit protection, the box mod 

doesn't work. 

11.Short-circuit protection: When the atomizer resistance lower than the 0.2ohm. Prevent overheating. The circuit 

will automativally protected. The OLED display "SHORTED ".

12.ohm meter:press the "+" and "-" button at the same time and last 3seconds
13.Temperature display switch:In Starting state,press 3 times smoke button in 2seconds go into menu state and

 press "+/-" to choose “TC MODE”

14.Temperature control design:When current temp up to setting temp, box mod will auto to reduce the output Amp

 and maintain current temperature

15.No Liquid:OLED will show "No Liquid" if atomizer has no liquid

Temperature regulation: Temperature regulation: When you use an atomizer with nickel 200 coil, press the smoke 

button 5 times, it will go into locking status. Then press “+” and “-” buttons at the same time, it will go into 

temperature regulation interface. In general condition, temperature will be 450F. Press “+” button one time, the 

temperature will  add 1F. Press “-” button one time, it will reduce 1F. Once the temperature add to 600F, it will 

show “OFF” by pressing the “+” button again, or the temperature reduce to200F, another pressing “-” button 

will cause it change to centigrade degree.In the same way, when the temperature reduce to 100C, it will change 

to Fahrenheit degree by pressing “-” button again.When you finish setting the temperature, it will return to normal 

interface by pressing the smoke button.

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